Would You Like a Song by Me, for You?
You can now commission me to write you an original song. Do you want to give someone a unique, wonderful gift? Or do you have a special occasion you want to commemorate? Or maybe you want something you can sing.
I love writing songs for people just like you. 
Cool. How Does It Work?
Maybe you'd like to commission me to write a song as a gift for someone else, or maybe it's for you!

Your commissioned song is a unique experience and gift and you're also supporting an independent, unsigned artist which is super cool! Here's how it works:

1) Click the button and fill out the application form

2) I'll look it over and we'll talk. If it seems like a good fit, we'll get it on the calendar!

3) Throughout the writing and recording process, we'll be in contact through email, zoom or phone call (whatever you prefer).

4) I'll write your song and send you the final draft. If you'd like any changes, I can do one round of changes and then I'll send you the revised finished song and any add-ons you've requested. 
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Okay! What Does It Cost?
I've put a lot of research, thought and consideration into how to price my song commissions. I pour my heart and soul into my songs so it's hard to put a figure on that. To make this the best possible experience for you, here are the main price points and different "add-ons" you can request:

High quality demo recorded in my home studio - starting at $300

Full Band Production, professionally mixed & mastered  - starting at $1000


+ $50 for a framed 8.5x11 handwritten lyric sheet
+ $75 video performance of the song
+ $75 for lyric video with your photos
+ $75 for signed, framed lead sheet

(Add-Ons make fantastic gifts! )

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Q: How long will it take?
A: Normal turnaround is about 3-6 weeks. If you have a specific deadline in mind and I'll see what I can do.

Q: Who owns the song?
A: I will retain 100% of all rights to the song. You may not re-work, re-record the song.

This means I may re-record, perform and release the song in the future or use the song for social media or marketing purposes.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Fill out the application form below and let's get started!

Have a question not answered here? Please email me: 
Apply for a Custom Song